The basic assumption of our work was to design patterns that can be made and reproduced in small ones
series in the conditions of a professional art studio.

art glass - Fusing - glass for restaurants - decorative glass - household glassware - glass dishes - glass decorations - glass sculptures - glass statuettes - glass panels and tiles - furniture handles and knobs

Series products and unique art glass, glass works for individual customers.

Experience and amazing technology allow to prepare an offer for you, in which you will find a good design at a good price. Unique glass furniture handles are one of the many products from our offer.


Modern glass fusing allows to perform many fascinating artistic works. We develop and produce colored glass using modern technologies, tools and equipment.

Glassware is safe to use. Dyes are enclosed inside a glass mass. All products can be washed in dishwashers.


Unique glass miniatures. Angels, sun catchers hanging in the windows, glass flowers and birds decorating plants at home or in the garden. Colorful glass drops, cats, fish, candlesticks, stars, leaves. Unique Christmas decorations. Small decorative items for the living room, work place, bathroom.

All designs are our own.


The use of artistic glass as an artistic accent, artistic object, decorative element.

The latest GLASSERIA suggestions fit in with modern garden designs. Of course, the most important are always plants. However, an important role is played by elements of small architecture, needed to give the gardens a comfortable functionality.


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